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Photograph of Jenny Miller

Jenny Miller

Licensed Respiratory Therapist

Jenny Miller, respiratory therapist at Hoskinson Health & Wellness Clinic, has led the development of our Asthma Clinic. Her passion for elevating care for respiratory patients stemmed from her own childhood experience with an asthma attack, driving her dedication to help those with lung diseases. With a strong foundation in clinical education, Miller graduated in 2004 with a Bachelor's degree in Respiratory Therapy from the University of Mary, Bismarck ND, and secured her Wyoming respiratory license. For nearly two decades, she has been an advocate for patients, further demonstrating her commitment by becoming an Asthma Educator in February 2020. Her impactful career path spans Sheridan Memorial Hospital to her current role at Campbell County Health since April 2015 and now at HHWC.

Miller's dream came to life when she joined Hoskinson Health and Wellness, aligning her vision with Dr. Mark and Dr. William Hoskinson's mission to establish an Asthma Clinic. Her personal experiences, including navigating her son's asthma diagnosis, have given her invaluable insights into the challenges faced by individuals with respiratory conditions. Under Miller's guidance, the Asthma Clinic at HHWC promises to be a place of hope, offering personalized care and support to patients seeking comprehensive respiratory care.