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Photograph of Dr. Sanjay Dhar

Sanjay Dhar, MPhil, PhD

Director of Stem Cell Program / Director of Research

Dr. Sanjay Dhar earned his doctorate in India and joined FDA as a visiting fellow followed by a postdoctoral stint at New England Medical Center. He then moved to University of California Irvine's Plastic Surgery department to start the Tissue Engineering & Regenerative Medicine research program. He then was involved in successfully building a stem cell based skincare products company.

Dr. Dhar is a leader and highly skilled researcher with more than 20 years of academic and industry experience in pre-clinical, clinical, translational sciences and management environments with a strong focus on cell and molecular biology, regenerative medicine, tissue engineering, cell therapy, and genetic engineering. He has specialized expertise in cell and gene therapy using mesenchymal stem cells/adult stem cell (MSC/ASC) products and their therapeutic applications. Cellular and gene targets developed specially in neurological, dermatological, aesthetic, wound healing and orthopedic applications.