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Why choose pediatric care with us?

Our commitment to a holistic approach to healthcare extends to our pediatric patients. When you work with our pediatric team, your child will benefit from a collaborative team dedicated to providing the best health, wellness, and mental care. From addressing unique cases to treating conditions demanding additional insight, you and your child will be given personalized solutions and care plans developed to ensure a successful health roadmap.

Same day care

We understand that children's health needs can arise unexpectedly. That's why our pediatric clinic offers same-day visits, ensuring that your family has prompt access to the care when you need it most.

Receive care regardless of vaccination status

At our clinic, every pediatric patient is welcome, no matter what their vaccination status is. We believe in providing inclusive and accessible care to all families, tailoring our approach to the unique needs of each child.

Complex care expertise

Dr. McMaster specializes in complex care, bringing a depth of experience and knowledge to address intricate health challenges. From routine check-ups to managing complex conditions, our pediatric clinic is equipped to provide comprehensive and compassionate care for your child.