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Body composition testing

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Body composition testing

Setting the gold standard in body composition testing at Hoskinson Health and Wellness Clinic. More than just a test, it's a gateway to understanding your body in unparalleled detail, guiding you toward personalized health and wellness goals.

What is body composition testing?

Understanding your body composition is important in order to develop a health and wellness plan that aligns with your personal needs. Unlike traditional methods, our DEXA scan provides a comprehensive analysis that goes beyond basic weight measurements. Whether you're focusing on weight management, athletic performance, or overall well-being, body composition testing offers an in-depth understanding of your body's composition.

Your results

Our DEXA scan provides a detailed breakdown of your body composition, distinguishing between:

  • Fat tissue: Identifying the distribution and amount of fat in different regions of your body.
  • Lean mass: Accurately measuring muscle, bones, and organs, offering insights into your body's structural components.
  • Bone density: Assessing bone health and identifying potential risk factors for conditions like osteoporosis.

What to Expect from a DEXA scan

  • Non-invasive procedure: The DEXA scan is a non-invasive and painless procedure. You'll simply lie comfortably on an examination table, and the scanner will pass over your body.
  • Quick and efficient: The entire process is quick, usually lasting around 10 to 20 minutes. There's no need for special preparation, and you can wear your regular clothing, avoiding the hassle of fasting or changing into a gown.
  • Supplements and medications: Inform our healthcare team about any supplements or medications you are taking, particularly calcium or vitamin D supplements. Certain medications may need to be adjusted before the scan.
  • Radiation exposure: The DEXA scanner emits a minimal amount of radiation, making it safe for regular use. Our team prioritizes your safety, ensuring a controlled and monitored environment during the scan.
  • Pregnancy or potential pregnancy: If you are pregnant or suspect that you might be pregnant, inform our healthcare team. Although the radiation exposure from a DEXA scan is minimal, we prioritize the safety of our patients.
  • Instant results: One of the significant advantages of the DEXA scan is the immediacy of results. Shortly after the scan, you'll receive a comprehensive report detailing your body composition metrics.

Your personalized path to wellness

These precise insights help our care team to provide personalized recommendations, giving you a roadmap to your best health and wellness. Schedule your DEXA scan today – the gold standard in body composition testing. Your health, your way, with insights that matter.