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Why choose podiatry at our clinic?

With an impressive 24 years of experience as a board-certified foot and ankle specialist, surgeon, and lower extremity wound care expert, Dr. Pound embodies our commitment to elevating healthcare. At Hoskinson Health and Wellness Clinic, we take pride in staying at the forefront of podiatric advancements, ensuring that your feet receive the best care possible. Our patient-centric approach makes us your trusted partner in fostering overall well-being through the foundation of healthy feet.

Our approach

  • Holistic foot care: Your feet are more than just a means of getting from one place to another; they are a vital component of your overall health. Our podiatry services go beyond addressing foot ailments – we embrace a holistic approach that considers the interconnectedness of your feet with your entire well-being.
  • Expert guidance for all ages: From the first steps of childhood to the well-traveled paths of adulthood, our podiatry services are tailored for patients of every age group. Our experienced podiatrist, Dr. Pound provides expert guidance to ensure that your feet are nurtured and cared for at every stage of life.

Comprehensive and specialized care

Our podiatry services cover a wide range of foot-related concerns:

  • General podiatry services:
    • Foot pain and discomfort: Expert diagnosis and treatment for various forms of foot pain.
    • Sports-related injuries: Specialized care for athletes and sports enthusiasts, addressing foot and ankle injuries.
    • Diabetic foot care: We provide proactive measures to safeguard the foot health of our diabetic patients. Whether you're experiencing neuropathy, cuts and sores, or persistent pain we develop personalized foot care plans for our diabetic patients.
    • Ingrown toenails: Gentle and precise treatment for ingrown toenails to alleviate pain and prevent infection.
    • Bunions and hammertoes: Expert management and intervention for structural foot issues.
    • Heel pain (plantar fasciitis): Comprehensive solutions to address common causes of heel pain.
    • Foot deformities: Expertise in managing congenital or acquired foot deformities.
    • Wounds: Dr. Pound is a wound specialist that can address non-healing wounds and ulcers.
  • Specialized treatments:
    • In-office specializations: Ankle brachial Index (ABI) testing, skin graft substitutes, imaging, and wound cultures.

When to see our podiatrist

  • Persistent foot pain or discomfort
  • Changes in the appearance of feet or toenails
  • Sports-related Injuries
  • Diabetes-related foot concerns
  • Ingrown toenails or fungal infections
  • Structural issues like bunions or hammertoes

Experience elevated foot care

Your feet carry you through every step of life's journey, and at Hoskinson Health and Wellness Clinic, we ensure they receive the care they deserve. Trust our expert podiatrist to provide personalized attention, effective solutions, and a pathway to foot health that aligns with your overall wellness.